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These are the results we guarantee, regardless of whether your dog chases small animals, steals food, has dog aggression, human aggression or suffers from extreme anxiety. Our guarantee is that you only pay once you see and are satisfied with the work we’ve done with your dog. We film all of our results, just like what you see here, and then work with you for 2-5 hours to show you how to maintain it all. Notice Gus never pulls the leash, sits without a command, responds immediately to recall, and drops chicken without hesitation. These are behaviors of a dog guided by discipline, respect, and love. We guarantee that we will have your dog doing all the things you see in this video (minus tricks! Those are extras). But make no mistake: You MUST follow through! No trainer in the world can guarantee results once you leave (be wary of any who do!) because no trainer can guarantee that you follow through. That’s why we offer virtually unlimited support afterwards to ensure you are able to maintain what we’ve done for absolutely no charge. Whether that takes the form of frequent phone calls or coming back to work with us for free, you have us for your dog’s life. We also offer boarding at discounted rates for the dogs we’ve trained and maintain all that they learned.

Consultation required. Results Guaranteed or No Charge: You only pay once you’ve seen the results. See more of our Dog Training Videos here!

You have just observed dog obedience training guided by love, respect, and discipline. The other dog obedience videos on our services page demonstrate the results we guarantee (or NO charge) after your dog’s training.

 Many of our clients come to us after having tried more than one other trainer, behaviourist or class. We offer a one stop program that deals with the issues your dog may have. If we can’t deal with the issues we tell you we will deal with we do not charge. You only pay once you’ve seen our results. Guaranteed. A natural home setting, including interactions with our own four children and daily outings into the real world, are incorporated into the training. This approach produces realistic results based on everyday occurrences in a dog’s natural habitat – your home.

We’re in the High Park area of Toronto. We take your dog into our home for the duration of the training. Afterwards, we spend as much time as needed with you and the dog after the training to ensure that you have the knowledge and tools necessary to be a leader your dog will respect. Because our training is all about the dog respecting you. Not bribing them with treats.

We could type up a storm here, but we rather allow our dog training videos and the testimonials of our clients speak for us.

We currently have 3 dogs of our own: Star, Chella and Country Boy (CB). All fully trained, with a huge repertoire of tricks and commands, they are an important part of our training team. Take a look at our dog training videos page.