Dog & Puppy Obedience Training


After your dog’s training, these are the results or no charge. We guarantee that regardless of your dogs issues, whether human aggression, dog aggression, excitement, poor walking skills, or they’re just a puppy in need of the basics, you’ll get the same results you see in the video. These are behaviors of a dog guided by respect and love.
Consultation required.

Results Guaranteed or No Charge. See more of our Dog Training Videos here!


Here’s a compilation of some of our work from over the years, as well as a showcase of our personal dogs’ obedience and tricks. Enjoy!

Dog & Puppy Training / Services Pricing

Dog & Puppy Training

Basic Dog Obedience $1,200
Dog Obedience Plus $1,800
Dog Aggression Rehabilitation $2,500
Dog Anxiety/Fear Rehabilitation $2,300
Human Aggression Rehabilitation $2,800
Dog & Human Aggression Rehabilitation $3,000
Proper Bike Running $100
Dog Tricks [Per Trick] $50-$100

Dog Daycare & Boarding

Dog & Puppy Daycare $30
Dog Daycare for Aggressive Dogs* $40
Dog Boarding [Overnight] $50
Dog Boarding [Overnight] for Puppies under 6 months** $60
Dog Boarding [Overnight] for Aggressive Dogs* $65

Dog Walking

Dog Walking [Half Hour] $14
Dog Walking [One Hour] $20

One on One

One on One Consultation $50

* Aggressive dogs take special care and attention, both for their safety, and for everyone else.
** As we’re sure you’re aware, caring for puppies overnight takes a lot of extra attention.

Extra charges may apply in aggressive cases for specific breeds. Example: Pitbull, Doberman, Rottweiler.