Bentley’s Dog Training & Anxiety Rehabilitation

Bentley extremely nervous around people and other dogs. This was a problem, because his owner is visually impaire,d and couldn’t always be ready for him freaking out. Well, hear he is after spending 3 weeks with us, and completing his anxiety rehabilitation and dog training!

JoJo’s Aggression & Obedience Training

This little terror is JoJo. Don’t let his puffball appearance or jingling cat collar fool you, he was here for aggression with his owner. His wasn’t just cute little puppy teething (which, by the way, is something that should be discouraged right away), it was full on biting to get his way. Growling and snarling (though adorable due only to his size and fluffy exterior) constantly while biting if picked up, or if you tried to bath him or brush him. Well, this is him now. Enjoy!

TJ’s Anxiety Rehabilitation & Dog Training

Boysie took TJ for a little over 2 weeks. He was here for anxiety and severe nervousness around dogs and even people. He even had some bad aggression issues towards dogs as a result. These are the results.

Gabby’s Dog Obedience Training

Gabby here had dog aggression, and had no compunction against biting people, either. This stubborn little pup was a handful, but you can see the results!
Aggression towards humans and dogs is a serious issue, and nipping it in the bud is your best bet.

Dog training save lives!

I was trolling the interwebs, doing a little reading hear and there, and I came across this article. It talks about the necessity of dog training for the well-being of your four legged companion. In the ultimate sense.

Too often we see people who want a cute puppy. They have fun with that cute puppy. That cute puppy doesn’t need training, they love it’s antics. And who doesn’t. The problem is that little puppy grows up. When it doesn’t fit in perfectly into their life, however, they might just give it up. Put it in a shelter. We all know that grown dogs have a much lower chance at adoption than pups do.

Sadly, this can then lead to dogs being put down after being in the system too long, or, in extreme cases (because of aggression developing as a result of lack of training) being put down right off the bat.

This is important for people to understand. Puppies/dogs are not expendable toys you can throw away when you’re done playing with them. You take on a very real responsibility. The responsibility for a life. Get educated, and do what needs to be done to ensure your four legged friend lives a safe and loving life.

Here’s a link to the article that sparked this mini rant: Dog training stops dog killing.

So go out and get early puppy training. In the long run, it will help you, both with your relationship with your dog, and save you money in the long run (I know that’s a major concern for many of us). This will help to prevent dog aggression, dog anxiety, food aggression, unwanted protectiveness, extreme excitement and a whole slew of unwanted dog behavior from cropping up and stressing you and your dog out.