Take a look at a variety of our trained dog’s tricks and impressive obedience. These are just some of the things you can expect after your pup’s stay with us. Strengthen the bond between you and your canine companion by working on tricks and more complicated obedience training! Whether you’re looking for guidance or just entertaining puppy antics, take a peek. Enjoy!

Dog Obedience: Mellow Vibes Compilation

Dog Obedience: Country Boy & Star Compilation

Dog Obedience: The Training of Guss

Dog Obedience: Country Boy’s Training in his prime.

Dog Obedience: Whiskey’s Training

Dog Obedience: Kingston’s Training

Dog Obedience: Bella’s Training.

Dog Obedience: Bentley’s Training

Dog Obedience: Rufus’s Training

Dog Obedience: TJ’s Training

Dog Tricks: Star, Sparkle and Jasper play dead.

Dog Obedience: CB & Star want that ball!

Dog Obedience: Nathan & Sparkle’s obedience.


 Dog Tricks: Large group nose balance.


Dog Tricks: Large group play dead and creep.


Dog Tricks: CB & Star teach math!


Dog Obedience: CB stalks squirrel

Dog Obedience: Boysie & Jasper’s obedience.

Dog Obedience: CB finds lost glove


Dog Tricks: CB Balances on the bench.

 Dog Tricks: Star jumps hoop.

 Dog Tricks: Star seeks wealth!

 Dog Tricks: Star walks the fence.

 Dog Tricks: Star’s Agility.

 Dog Tricks: Star Zigs and Zags.

Dog Tricks: Star jumps CB.

 Dog Obedience: Large group stay and play.

Dog Obedience: Star & CB’s Hot-dog hand-off!

 Dog Obedience: Large bone hand-off.

 Dog Tricks: Star’s fancy nose tricks!

  Dog Obedience: Group toast hand-off.

Dog Obedience: Star demonstrates good & bad behavior.


Dog Obedience: Group play and stay.