Mellow Vibes

This is the beginning of Mellow Vibes’ blog! Here I’ll be posting up the actual (slightly abbreviated) videos we take of your students during and after their training. I’ll also post interesting information here and there as well. Hope you find this blog to be interesting, entertaining and informative!

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  1. Daniel says:

    This is Sampson. He was rescued from an abusive owner (suspected to be a drug dealer using him for intimidation). He found a wonderful home, but had severe aggression towards most people and dogs. After being to another trainer, he had come a long way, but still had significant aggression. This is Sampson during and after his training with Mellow Vibes.

    Notice that while my mouth is flappin’, whether with my own inane blabbering or whistling, I’m not giving commands over and over or yelling. One time is enough. Notice he never passes my knee while walking, and how quickly responds to commands, including recall, while playing with other dogs.


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